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Página 170 - ... know it is one of the lesser lights in the literary horizon of our country. You may put it out. But if you do so, you must carry through your work ! You must extinguish, one after another, all those great lights of science which, for more than a century, have thrown their radiance over our land.
Página 450 - This, sir, is practical nullification. And now, sir, against all these theories and opinions, I maintain : — 1. That the constitution of the United States is not a league, confederacy, or compact, between the people of the several states in their sovereign capacities ; but a government proper, founded on the adoption of the people, and creating direct relations between itself and individuals.
Página 589 - I feel much alarmed at the prospect of seeing General Jackson President. He is one of the most unfit men I know of for such a place. He has had very little respect for laws or constitutions, and is, in fact, an able military chief. His passions are terrible.
Página 123 - Important as I deem it to discuss on all proper occasions the policy of the measures at present pursued, it. is still more important to maintain the right of such discussion in its full and just extent. Sentiments lately sprung up, and now growing fashionable, make it necessary to be explicit on this point.
Página 170 - Sir, you may destroy this little institution ; it is weak ; it is in your hands ! I know it is one of the lesser lights in the literary horizon of our country. You may put it out. But, if you do so, you must carry through your work! You must extinguish, one after another, all those...
Página 476 - He never stooped to the arena of partisan discussions, but in the consideration of important subjects, especially that of the removal of the public deposits from the Bank of the United States, he proved himself to be a statesman of high rank, and a most accomplished debater.
Página 18 - My son, that is a worthy man ; he is a member of Congress ; he goes to Philadelphia and gets six dollars a day, while I toil here. It is because he had an education, which I never had. If I had had his early education, I should have been in Philadelphia iu his place. I came near it as it was. But I missed it, and now I must work here.
Página 98 - France and their dependencies, and for other purposes," that '!in case either France or Great Britain shall so revoke or modify her edicts as that they shall cease to violate the neutral commerce of the United States...
Página 194 - This oration will be read five hundred years hence with as much rapture as it was heard. It ought to be read at the end of every century, and indeed at the end of every year, forever and ever.
Página 230 - Sweet Seraph, I would learn of thee, And hasten to partake thy bliss ! And oh ! to thy world welcome me, As first I welcomed thee to this. Dear Angel, thou art safe in heaven ; No prayers for thee need more be made ; Oh ! let thy prayers for those be given Who oft have blessed thy infant head. My Father ! I beheld thee born, And led thy tottering steps with care ; Before me risen to Heaven's bright morn, My son ! My Father...

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