The Columbia Engineer: Transactions of the Engineering Society of Columbia University

Engineering Society of the School of Mines, Columbia University, 1898

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Página 6 - Upon the written request of ten or more Corporate Members, that for cause therein set forth a person belonging to the Society be expelled, the Board of Direction shall consider the matter, and if there appears to be sufficient reason, shall advise the accused of the charges against him. He may, if he so desires, present a written defense which shall be considered at a meeting of the Hoard of Direction, of which he shall receive due notice.
Página 6 - A member of any grade in the Society may resign his membership by a written communication to the Secretary, who shall present the same to the Board of Direction ; when, if all his dues have been paid, his resignation shall be accepted.
Página 38 - July of this year the hole was opened and it was found full of fresh water to within forty feet of the top, having leaked full in something less than two years. Those who should know have no doubt that this water has entered at the lower end of the inner casing, ie, at 1,570 feet below the surface.
Página 7 - ... 3. — A vacancy in the office of President shall be filled by the senior Vice-President. A vacancy in the office of Vice-President shall be filled by the senior Director. Seniority between persons holding similar offices shall be determined by priority of election to the office, and when these dates are the same, by priority of admission to Corporate Membership; and when the latter dates are identical, the selection shall be made by lot.
Página 9 - The person receiving a plurality of the votes cast for a community representation shall be declared elected. In case of a tie between two or more candidates, the Annual Meeting shall elect one from among the persons so tied.
Página 8 - He shall be, under the direction of the President and Board of Direction, the executive officer of the Society. He will be expected to attend all meetings of the Society and of the Board of Direction; prepare the business therefor, and duly record the proceedings thereof. He shall see that all moneys due the Society are carefully collected, and without loss transferred to the custody of the Treasurer. He shall carefully scrutinize all expenditures, and use his best endeavor to secure economy in the...
Página 9 - Members may erase names from the printed ballot list and may substitute the name or names of any other person or persons eligible for any office, but the number of...
Página 7 - Membership; and when the latter dates are identical, the selection shall be made by lot. In case of the disability, or neglect in the performance of his duty, of any officer of this Society, the Board of Direction shall have power to declare the office vacant.
Página 38 - Two thermometers were in an iron bucket, three feet long and three inches diameter at the end of the wire, and two were in an open wire frame, two hundred and sixty feet from the end of the wire. The temperatures at depths of one, two and three hundred feet were determined with other thermometers separately lowered from the top of the well.

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