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VII.-1. Gardening for Ladies. By Mrs. Loudon.

2. The Ladies' Companion to the Flower Garden: being an Alphabeti-

cal Arrangement of all the Ornamental Plants usually grown in Gar-

dens and Shrubberies; with full Directions for their Culture. By

Mrs. Loudon.

3. The Flower Garden : containing Directions for the Cultivation of

all Garden F1 vers.
4. An Encyclopædia of Gardening: comprising the Theory and Practice

of Horticulture, Floriculture, Arboriculture, and Landscape-Gar-
dening, &c. &c. By J. C. Loudon, F. L. S., H. S. &c.


5. An Encyclopædia of Plants, with Figures of nearly Ten Thousand

Species. Edited by J. C. Loudon. 6. Elements of Botany, Structural, Physiological, Systematical, and Medi

cal. By John Lindley, Ph. D., Professor of Botany in University

College. 7. A Pocket Botanical Dictionary: comprising the Names, History, and

Culture of all Plants known in Britain. By Joseph Paxton, F. L. S.,

H, S., &c. 8. Botany for Ladies; or a Popular Introduction to the Natural System

of Plants. By Mrs. Loudon. 9. The Orchidaceæ of Mexico and Guatemala. By James Bateman, Esq. 10. Illustrations of the Genera and Species of Orchidaceous Plants. By

Francis Bauer, Esq. With Notes and Prefatory Remarks by Dr.

Lindley. 11. Sertum Orchideum; or a Wreath of the most beautiful Orchidaceous

Plants. By Dr. Lindley. 12. A History of British Ferns. By Edward Newman, F. L. S. 13. Poetry of Gardening, from The Carthusian,' a Miscellany in Prose

and Verse,


VIII.- Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay, Author of Evelina,'

· Cecilia,' &c. Volumes I., II., and III.,


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