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Art. 1.-1. Collections des Chroniques Nationales Françaises. Par M. Buchon.

36 vols.

2. Collection Complete des Mémoires relatifs à l'Histoire de France. Par

M. Petitot. Première Série, 52 vols. Seconde Série, par MM.

Petitot et Monmerqué, 78 vols.

3. Collection des Mémoires relatifs à l'Histoire de France. Par M.

Guizot. 30 vols.

4. Archives Curieuses de l'Histoire de France. Première Série, 15 vols.

Seconde Série, 12 vols.

5. Procès de Jeanne d'Arc. Par Jules Quicherat

II.- Organic Chemistry, in its applications to Agriculture and Physiology.

By Justus Liebig, Professor of Chemistry in the University of Gies-

Translated from the German Ms. by Dr. Lyon Playfair

III. -Cola di Rienzo und seine Zeit, besonders nach ungedruckten Quellen

dargestellt, von Dr. Felix Papencordt. (Cola

(Cola di Rienzo and his :

Times, chiefly from unpublished Documents)

IV.-1. Russia under Nicholas the First. Translated from a Supplement to

the Conversations Lexicon, by Captain Anthony:C:: Sterling :
2. Notes of a Half-pay in Search of Health ; or, Russia,.Circaşšiä, and

the Crimea in 1839-40. By Captain Jesse.

3. Petersburg in Bildern und Skizzen. Von J. G. Kohl

V.-1. An Account of the Improvements on the Estates of the Marquess of

Stafford in the Counties of Stafford and Salop, and on the Estate of

Sutherland; with Remarks. By James Loch, Esq.

2. The New Statistical Account of Scotland. No. XXX.

3. Report from the Select Committee of Salmon Fisheries, Scotland;

together with the Minutes of Evidence, Appendix, and Index

VI.--Arundines Cami. Collegit atque edidit Henricus Drury, A.M.

VII.-THE LIBRARY OF ANGLO-Catholic Theology. Oxford, 1841.-Vols. I.

II. III. Ninety-six Sermons. By the Right Honourable and Rever-

end Father in God, Lancelot Andrewes, some time Lord Bishop of


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