Yearbook of Pharmacy: Comprising Abstracts of Papers Relating to Pharmacy, Materia Medica and Chemistry Contributed to British and Foreign Journal...with the Transactions of the British Pharmaceutical Conference

John Churchill & Sons, 1874
Includes the transactions of the British Pharmaceutical Conference at its 7th-64th annual meetings.

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Página 475 - ... by the analysts appointed under this Act, and shall, upon receiving a certificate stating that the articles of food or drink or drugs are adulterated, cause a complaint of an offence against this Act by the party selling or adulterating such articles of food or drink or drugs to be made before a justice of the peace, and thereupon such justice shall issue a summons requiring the seller or the adulterator to appear before two justices of the peace at petty sessions in England...
Página 326 - ... pressed out. The viscid mucus thus obtained contains the pure gastric juice with much epithelium from the glands and surface of the mucous membrane. It is to be spread out upon a piece of glass, so as to form a very thin layer, which is to be dried at a temperature of 1 00° over hot water, or in vacuo over sulphuric acid.
Página 153 - After this has subsided the greater part of the liquor can be poured off, the rest being filtered through a small filter. The clear liquid is now distilled to obtain the greater part of the spirit used, and the remaining liquid poured into a capsule, to which is added the spirit and the water by which the distilling apparatus is subsequently washed. The capsule is now heated on a water-bath till all the spirit has been expelled, and the remaining liquor which contains all the alkaloids in the form...
Página 265 - ... does not appear to be at all dependent on the nerve affected, it being equally efficacious in neuralgia of the sciatic as of the trigeminus. I have found it of the greatest service in neuralgia of the larynx, and in relieving spasmodic cough of a nervous or hysterical character.
Página 300 - In searching for the presence of leaves other than those of the tea plant, the best method is to heat a small quantity of the suspected tea with water until the leaves are sufficiently softened to admit of being unfolded. They should then be spread out on a piece of glass and carefully examined as to the nature of the...
Página 300 - ... being added to restore the pungency. Some of these substances can be readily •detected by diffusing the pepper in water, and pouring the mixture on to a muslin sieve. The deep red particles of the chili can then be recognized, and also the camphor-like fragments of rice. The mustard husks are known by their cup-like shape, while the smooth shiny appearance of the linseed readily distinguishes it from the dull brown of the pepper.
Página 319 - With pure butter the thermometer is obscured between 74° and 68°, and the mass is solid at 60°. Beef dripping obscures the thermometer at 79°, and is solid at 72°. Mutton dripping obscures the thermometer at about 85°, and is solid at 84°. Lard obscures the thermometer at 84°, and is solid at from 79° to 70°, but it often remains as soft as butter at a much lower temperature. Mixtures solidify at intermediate temperatures.
Página 153 - ... sulphates, is, after cooling, filtered through a small filter. On the filter remains a mixture of quinovic acid and fatty substances, which must be washed repeatedly with water slightly acidulated by sulphuric acid till caustic soda no longer produces any turbidity in the passing liquid. The filtrate is now reduced .to a small volume by heating on a water-bath, and while still warm precipitated by a slight excess of caustic soda. The benefit derived from this kind of precipitation is that the...
Página 133 - Geele bloemetjes, closely resemble saffron in smell and taste ; they possess similar medical properties, and as an antispasmodic, anodyne and stimulant, ought to rank with the Crocus sativus. Here they have as yet been only used with success in the convulsions of children, but they deserve a more general trial. On account of the fine orange...
Página 159 - April 3, 1873) to yield very interesting results. An obvious application of his method was to treat a mixture of dry hydrogen and nitrogen in a similar manner as those referred to above, with the view of effecting the synthesis of ammonia ; and Sir B. Brodie kindly allowed me the use of his apparatus for the purpose of the experiment, which was conducted as follows : — A mixture of about three volumes of hydrogen with one of nitrogen in a bell-jar over water, was passed through two tubes containing...

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