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BRIEFS and PAPERS: being Sketches of the Bar and the Press. By Two Idle Apprentices. Crown 8vo. [Shortly.

Our Leading Columns-Our Special Correspondent-Our Own Reporter-In the GalleryOur Special Wire-The Story of the Fogborough Englishman-In the Temple-Westminster Hall-On Circuit-Scissors and Paste-A Rising Junior-Country Sessions-An Eminent Leader-Lincoln's Inn-At the Old Bailey.


News, Author of My Experience of the War between France and Germany.'


A Penny a Day-The Christmas Cattle Market- Soldiers' Wives-The Story of the Megæra -In a Military Prison-German War Prayers-Flogged-Sunday Afternoon at Guy'sButcher Jack's Story-Bummarees-A Deserter's Story-Lions and Lion-Tamers-Our March on Brighton-Catsmeat-Army Crimes and Punishments - Whisky-Furs-Some Christmases. In the press.

The OPERATIONS of the GERMAN ARMIES in FRANCE, from SEDAN to the END of the WAR of 1870-1. With large Official Map. From the Journals of the Head-Quarters Staff. By Major WILLIAM BLUME. Translated by E. M. JONES, Captain 20th Foot, late Professor of Military History, Sandhurst. Demy 8vo. price 9s. [Just out. TACTICAL DEDUCTIONS from the WAR of 1870-1. By Captain

A. v. BOGUSLAWSKI. Translated by Colonel LUMLEY GRAHAM, late 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment. Demy 8vo. uniform with the above, price 7s. [Just out. 'Above all should every infantry officer make these tactical conclusions the object of his serious studies, about which there must be great controversy. Out of these deductions alone can we get the lessons in infantry operations for war, and for training during peace. In all essential things, according to our conviction, the author has rightly apprehended the lessons of the late war, and his views are a guide and criterion that will be of service to every office.'-Militair Wochenblatt.

The OPERATIONS of the SOUTH ARMY in JANUARY and FEBRUARY, 1871. By COUNT WARTENSLEBEN, of the Prussian General Staff. Translated by Colonel WRIGHT. Demy 8vo. price 6s. Uniform with the above. [Just out.

STUDIES in TROOP-MARCHING. By Colonel VON VERDY DU VERNOIS. Translated by Lieut. H. J. T. HILDYARD, 71st Foot. Demy 8vo. Uniform with the above. [Parts I. and II. are in the press. The ARMY of the NORTH-GERMAN CONFEDERATION: a brief description of its organisation, of the different branches of the Service and their rôle in war, of its mode of fighting, &c. By a Prussian General. Translated from the German by Colonel EDWARD NEWDIGATE. Demy 8vo. Uniform with the above. [In the press.



Scarlet Letter,'' Transformation,' &c. One vol. crown 8vo. cloth extra, gilt, 9s.

A peculiar interest attaches to this work. may be said to have died as he finished it.

It was the last thing the author wrote, and he

MEMOIRS of LEONORA CHRISTINA, daughter of Christian IV. of Denmark. Written during her imprisonment in the Blue Tower of the Royal Palace at Copenhagen, 1663-1685. Translated by F. E. BUNNÈTT (Translator of Grimm's 'Life of Michael Angelo' &c.) With a beautiful Autotype Portrait of the Countess. Medium 8vo. [Shortly. LIVES of ENGLISH POPULAR LEADERS. No. 1. Stephen Langton. By C. EDMUND MAURICE. Crown 8v 7s. 6d.

STREAMS from HIDDEN SOURCES. By B. MONTGOMERIE RANKING. Crown 8vo. The Seven Streams are:-1. Cupid and Psyche. 2. The Life of St. Eustace. 3. Alexander and Lodowick. 4. Sir Urre of Hungary. 5. Isabella; or, The Pot of Basil. 6. The Marriage of Belphegor. 7. Fulgencius.

'Out of all old lore I have chosen seven books as setting forth seven following stages of time, and from each of these have taken what seemed to me the best thing, so that any man may judge, and if it please him trace it to its source.'-Extract from Preface.

THOUGHTS for the TIMES. By the Rev. H. R. HAWEIS, M.A., Author

of Music and Morals' &c. Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d.

INTRODUCTORY.-I. The Liberal Clergy. GOD. II. Conception. III. Experience. CHRISTIANITY.-IV. Character. V. History. THE BIBLE.-VI. Essence. VII. Doctrine. THE ARTICLES. VIII. The Trinity. Original Sin. IX. Predestination. The Church. LIFE.-X. Pleasure. XI. Sacrifice. WORSHIP.-XII. The Lord's Day. XIII. Preaching. CONCLUSION.-XIV. The Law of Progress.

SIX PRIVY COUNCIL JUDGMENTS-1850-1872. Annotated by

W. G. BROOKE, M.A., Barrister-at-Law. Crown 8vo. 9s.

1. Gorham v. Bishop of Exeter-2. Westerton v. Liddell-3. Williams v. Bishop of Salisbury, and Wilson v. Fendal-4. Martin v. Mackonochie-5. Hibbert v. Purchas-6. Sheppard v. Bennett.

HERMANN AGHA: an Eastern Narrative. By W. GIFford Palgrave,
Author of Travels in Central Arabia' &c. Two vols. crown 8vo. cloth, extra gilt, 18s.
From the Author's latest Stereotyped Edition.

Designed to cultivate the observing powers of Children. New and Enlarged Edition, with 300 Engravings. Crown 8vo. 58.

An ESSAY on the CULTURE of the OBSERVING POWERS of CHILDREN, especially in connection with the Study of Botany. By ELIZA A. YOUMANS, of New York. Edited, with Notes and a Supplement on the Extension of the Principle to Elementary Intellectual Training in General, by JOSEPH PAYNE, Fellow of the College of Preceptors; Author of 'Lectures on the Science and Art of Education' &c. Crown 8vo. 2s. 6d.

OVER VOLCANOES; or, Through France and Spain in 1871. By

A. KINGSMAN. Crown 8vo.

The writer's tone is so pleasant, his language is so good, and his spirits are so fresh, buoyant, and exhilarating, that you find yourself inveigled into reading, for the thousandand-first time, a description of a Spanish bull-fight.'-Illustrated London News.

'The adventures of our tourists are related with a good deal of pleasantry and humorous dash, which make the narrative agreeable reading.'-Public Opinion.

A work which we cordially recommend to such readers as desire to know something of Spain as she is to-day. Indeed, so fresh and original is it, that we could have wished that it had been a bigger book than it is.'-Literary World.

In QUEST of COOLIES: a South Sea Sketch. By JAMES L. A. HOPE.
Crown 8vo. with 15 Illustrations from Sketches by the Author. Price 6s. Second
[Just out.

'At the present moment, when considerable attention has been directed to the South Seas, by the murder of Bishop Patteson, the little book before us arrives most opportunely... Mr. Hope's description of the natives is graphic and amusing, and the book is altogether well worthy of perusal.'-Standard.

'Lively and clever sketches.'-Athenæum.

"This agreeably written and amusingly illustrated volume.'-Public Opinion.

ALEXIS de TOCQUEVILLE. Correspondence and Conversations with NASSAU W. SENIOR, from 1833 to 1859. Edited by Mrs. M. C. M. SIMPSON. Two vols. large post 8vo. 21s.

ROUND the WORLD in 1870. A. D. CARLISLE, B.A., Trin. Coll., Camb. 'Makes one understand how going round the world is to be done in the quickest and pleasantest manner, and how the brightest and most cheerful of travellers did it with eyes wide open and keen attention all on the alert, with ready sympathies, with the happiest facility of hitting upon the most interesting features of nature and the most interesting characteristics of man, and all for its own sake.'-Spectator.

A Volume of Travels, with Maps. By
Demy 8vo. 16s.

'Delightfully written, as unpretentious and as entertaining a sketch of travel as we have seen for a long time.'-Scotsman.

'We can only commend, which we do very heartily, an eminently sensible and readable book.'-British Quarterly Review.


(Second Edition.)


FREDERIC EDEN. In one vol. crown 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d.

'Should any of our readers care to imitate Mr. Eden's example, and wish to see things with their own eyes, and shift for themselves, next winter in Upper Egypt, they will find this book a very agreeable guide.'-Times.

'Gives, within moderate compass, a suggestive description of the charms, curiosities, dangers, and discomforts of the Nile voyage.'—Saturday Review.

'We have in these pages the most minute description of life as it appeared on the banks of the Nile; all that could be seen or was worth seeing in nature or in art is here pleasantly and graphically set down... It is a book to read during an autumn holiday.'-Spectator.


Life of Jeanne d'Arc,' 'In the Silver Age,' &c. Crown 8vo. 8s. 6d.

'A graceful and touching, as well as truthful account of the Franco-Prussian War. Those who are in the habit of reading books to children will find this at once instructive and delightful.'-Public Opinion.

'Miss Parr has the great gift of charming simplicity of style: and if children are not interested in her books, many of their seniors will be.'-British Quarterly Review.

JOURNALS KEPT in FRANCE and ITALY, from 1848 to 1852.

With a Sketch of the Revolution of 1848. By the late NASSAU WILLIAM SENIOR. Edited by his Daughter, M. C. M. SIMPSON. In two vols. post 8vo. 24s.

'The book has a genuine historical value.'-Saturday Review.

'No better, more honest, and more readable view of the state of political society during the existence of the second Republic could well be looked for.'-Examiner.

The SECRET of LONG LIFE. Dedicated by special permission to LORD

ST. LEONARDS. Large crown 8vo. 5s.

'A pleasantly written volume of a very suggestive character.'-Standard.

'Some shrewd observations, illustrated by reference to a number of remarkable instances of long life.'-Public Opinion.

A very pleasant little book, which is always, whether it deal in paradox or earnest, cheerful, genial, scholarly.'-Spectator.

"The bold and striking character of the whole conception is entitled to the warmest admiration.'-Pall Mall Gazette.

• We should recommend our readers to get this book......because they will be amused by the jovial miscellaneous and cultured gossip with which he strews his pages.'-British Quarterly Review.,


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