Imagining Language: An Anthology

Jed Rasula, Steve McCaffery
MIT Press, 2001 - 618 páginas

When works such as Joyce's Finnegans Wake and Stein's Tender Buttons were first introduced, they went so far beyond prevailing linguistic standards that they were widely considered "unreadable," if not scandalous. Jed Rasula and Steve McCaffery take these and other examples of twentieth-century avant-garde writing as the starting point for a collection of writings that demonstrates a continuum of creative conjecture on language from antiquity to the present. The anthology, which spans three millennia, generally bypasses chronology in order to illuminate unexpected congruities between seemingly discordant materials. Together, the writings celebrate the scope and prodigality of linguistic speculation in the West going back to the pre-Socratics.


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Revolution of the Word 1680
The Somatic Production of Sounds Ernest Fenollosa ed Ezra Pound From
Oralities Rituals and Colloquies Canzone di Maggio 1914 m
Rrose Selavy etc 1923 118 the Deaf Aesop 1680 192
Of Writing by Invented Characters
The Formosan Alphabet 1704 142 Richard Grey From Memoria Technica 1730 232
Fictive Encounters 153
From A Humument A Treated Victorian
Sefer Yetsirah 3rd to 6th century 338
Heights Universal Language 1913 358
A Checklist The Alphabet of the Mind 1916 365
Alphabetic Dimensions 380
From Champ Fleury 1528 386
Psychogenesis of the Letter B 1961 401
The Poetical Alphabet 1879 414
Biliteral Cipher 1613 432

David Melnick From Men in Aida1983 284
Mania 290
From Jubilate Agno 17591763 313
Cosmology 327
The Divine Emanation
Trial in the Court of Vowels c 160 446
Augmented Characters 1569 450
Monologue c 1798 501 Further Reading
Diary Entries
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Acerca del autor (2001)

Jed Rasula is Associate Professor of English at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.

Steve McCaffery is David Gray Professor of Poetry and Letters at the State University of New York at Buffalo, New York.

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