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Chapman & Hall, 1859 - 142 páginas

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Página 12 - BABY'S SHOES. OH those little, those little blue shoes ! Those shoes that no little feet use. Oh the price were high That those shoes would buy, Those little blue unused shoes ! For they hold the small shape of feet That no more their mother's eyes meet, That, by God's good will, Years since, grew still, And ceased from their totter so sweet.
Página 48 - Think on the day That made me, John, your wife, What pleasant talk that day we had Of all our future life ! Of how your steady earnings, John, No wasting should consume, But weekly some new comfort bring To deck our happy room. Then don't go in to-night! To see us, John, as then we dress'd, So tidy, clean, and neat, Brought out all eyes to follow us As we went down the street.
Página 34 - To drink thy freshness once again, 0 gentle, gentle summer rain. In heat, the landscape quivering lies ; The cattle pant beneath the tree; Through parching air and purple skies, The earth looks up in vain for thee : For thee, for thee, it looks in vain, O gentle, gentle summer rain.
Página 34 - GENTLE, gentle summer rain, Let not the silver lily pine, The drooping lily pine in vain To feel that dewy touch of thine, — To drink thy freshness once again, 0 gentle, gentle summer rain ! In heat the landscape quivering lies ; The cattle pant beneath, the tree...
Página 13 - So hush'd ! how the mother has kept, With a tearful pleasure, That little dear treasure, And, o'er them, thought and wept ! For they mind her for evermore Of a patter along the floor, And blue eyes she sees Look up from her knees, With the look that in life they wore. As they lie before her there, There babbles from chair to chair, A little sweet face That 'sa gleam in the place, With its little gold curls of hair.
Página 26 - Our ceiling should nicker and glow in thy blaze. So fire, piled fire, Leap, fire, and shout ; Be it warmer within As 'tis colder without. And as curtains we draw and around the hearth close, As we glad us with talk of great frosts and deep snows, As redly thy warmth on the shadowed wall plays, We'll say Winter's evenings outmatch Summer's days, And a song, jolly roarer, we'll shout in thy praise ; So crackle and blaze, Crackle and blaze, While roaring the chorus goes round in thy praise.
Página 74 - Spring !" Days that are clouded and dull, Winter — though winter bring Cold keen frost to her fireless room — Are dearer to her than Spring ; For then, on her weary sewing, Less often her worst thoughts come, Of the pleasant lanes, and the country air, And the field-paths...
Página 48 - Ah, little thought our neighbours then, And we as little thought, That ever, John, to rags like these By drink we should be brought. You won't go in to-night ! And will you go ? If not for me, Yet for your baby stay ! You know, John, not a taste of food Has passed my lips to-day ; And tell your father, little one, 'Tis mine your life hangs on.
Página 47 - Then, don't go in to-night ! You will not go ! John, John, I mind When we were courting, few * Had arm as strong or step as firm Or cheek as red as you ; But drink has stolen your strength, John, And paled your cheek to white, Has tottering made your young firm tread, And bow'd your manly height. You'll not go in to-night ! You'll not go in ! Think on the day That made me, John, your wife, What pleasant talk that day we had Of all our future life, Of how your steady earnings, John, No wasting should...
Página 97 - THEY smile at me ; they laughing say, When will you be a man ? The parting year leaves you the boy You were when it began ; And I, in love with the disgrace, Their smiles and jests enjoy, And thank kind Heaven that, old in years, In heart I'm still a boy. What is it, this they'd have me win, This gain from which I start ? A keener calculating head — Ah loss ! — a colder heart ; Well, manhood's sense or boyhood's warmth, But one if I enjoy, Leave, leave the heart and keep the head, I still will...

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