International Law: With Materials for a Code of International Law

K. Paul, Trench & Company, 1887 - 346 páginas

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Página 29 - Carlyle and the Open Secret of His Life. By HENRY LARKIN. Demy Svo, 14?. CARPENTER, WB, LL.D., MD, FRS, etc.—The Principles of Mental Physiology. With their Applications .to the Training and Discipline of the Mind, and the Study of its Morbid Conditions. Illustrated. Sixth Edition. • 8vo,
Página 33 - History of Creation. Translation revised by Professor E. RAY LANKESTER, MA, FRS With Coloured Plates and Genealogical Trees of the various groups of both Plants and Animals. 2 vols. Third Edition. Post Svo, 32^. The History of the Evolution of Man. With numerous Illustrations. 2 vols. Post Svo, 32^. A Visit to Ceylon. Post Svo, ^s.
Página 29 - Doctrine of Annihilation in the Light of the Gospel of Love. Five Discourses. Fourth Edition. Crown Svo, 2s. 6d. The Christian Policy of Life. A Book for Young Men of Business. Third Edition. Crown Svo, 3^. dd. BURDETT, Henry C.—Help in Sickness—"Where to Go and "What to Do. Crown
Página 265 - A fugitive criminal is not to be surrendered if the offence in respect of which his surrender is demanded is one of a political character, or if he prove that the requisition for his surrender has in fact been made with a view to try or to punish him for an offence of a political character.
Página 39 - RS, MD, FRCSE—Ttie Medical Guide for AngloIndians. Being a Compendium of Advice to Europeans in India, relating to the Preservation and Regulation of Health. With a Supplement on the Management of Children in India, Second Edition. Crown Svo, limp cloth, 3^. 6d. Many
Página 27 - 6s. BADGER, George Percy, DCL—An English-Arabic Lexicon. In which the equivalent for English Words and Idiomatic Sentences are rendered into literary and colloquial Arabic. Royal 410, 8os. BAGEHOT, Walter. — The English Constitution. New and Revised Edition. Crown 8vo, "]s. (>d. Lombard Street. A Description of the Money Market. Eighth Edition. Crown
Página 44 - Plain Thoughts for Men. Eight Lectures delivered at Forester's Hall, Clerkenwell, during the London Mission, 1884. Crown 8vo, cloth, is. dd; paper covers, is. PRICE, Prof. Bonamy. — Chapters on Practical Political Economy. Being the Substance of Lectures delivered before the University of Oxford. New and Cheaper Edition. Crown 8vo,
Página 30 - Jesus of Nazareth. With a brief sketch of Jewish History to the Time of His Birth. Small crown Svo, 6s. COGHLAN, y. Cole, DD—T'he Modern Pharisee and other Sermons. Edited by the Very Rev. HH DICKINSON, DD, Dean of Chapel Royal, Dublin. New and Cheaper Edition. Crown Svo, "Js.

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