Ballads, Poems, and Lyrics, Original and Translated

J. McGlashan, 1850 - 388 páginas

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Página 131 - To the young face fair and ruddy, And the thousand charms belonging To the summer's day. Ah ! my heart is sick with longing, Longing for the May. Ah ! my heart is sore with sighing, Sighing for the May, — Sighing for their sure returning.
Página 130 - AH! my heart is weary waiting, Waiting for the May — Waiting for the pleasant rambles, Where the fragrant hawthorn brambles, With the woodbine alternating, Scent the dewy way. Ah ! my heart is weary waiting, Waiting for the May.
Página 142 - How many different rites have these grey old temples known ? To the mind what dreams are written in these chronicles of stone ! What terror and what error, what gleams of love and truth, Have flashed from these walls since the world was in its youth...
Página 143 - Where the fugitive found shelter, became the hermit's cell ; And hope hung out its symbol to the innocent and good, For the Cross o'er the moss of the pointed summit stood ! There may it stand for ever, while this symbol doth impart To the mind one glorious vision, or one proud throb to the heart ; While the breast needeth rest may these grey old temples last, Bright prophets of the future, as preachers of the past!
Página 255 - But, lo! his dream changes; — a vision less bright Comes to darken and banish that scene of delight. The gold-seeking Spaniards, a merciless band. Assail the meek natives and ravage the land. He sees the fair palace, the temple on fire, And the peaceful Cazique 'mid their ashes expire; He sees, too, — Oh, saddest!
Página 141 - THE pillar towers of Ireland, how wondrously they stand By the lakes and rushing rivers through the valleys of our land ; In mystic file, through the isle, they Lift their heads sublime, These gray old pillar temples, these conquerors of time...
Página 169 - And never see the crescent moon of Hope Advance? 'Tis time thine heart and eye had wider scope — Advance ! Dear brothers, wake ! look up ! be firm ! be strong ! Advance ! From out the starless night of fraud and wrong Advance ! The chains have fall'n from off thy wasted hands, And every man a seeming freedman stands ; But ah ! 'tis in the soul that freedom dwells, — Advance ! Proclaim that there thou wearest no manacles, — Advance!
Página 85 - We breathed aloud the Christian's filial prayer, Which makes us brothers even with the Lord ; " Our Father," cried we, in the midnight air, " In heaven and earth be thy great name adored; May thy bright kingdom, where the angels are, Replace this fleeting world, so dark and dim.
Página 256 - O, generous sobs, which he cannot restrain ! What will Ferdinand say ? and the Future ? and Spain ? He will lay this fair land at the foot of the Throne, — His King will repay all the ills he has known, — In exchange for a world what are honors and gains ? Or a crown ? But how is he rewarded ? — with chains ! 4.
Página 381 - ... happen in the common course of nature. That insects are the cause of these showers is no recent discovery ; for Sleidan relates that in the year 1553 a vast multitude of butterflies swarmed through a great part of Germany, and sprinkled plants, leaves, buildings, clothes, and men, with bloody drops, as if it had rained blood b.

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