Parliamentary Papers, Volumen17


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Página vii - Provided always that no congregation or assembly for religious worship shall be permitted or allowed by this Act until the place of such meeting shall be certified to the Bishop of the Diocese, or to the Archdeacon of that Archdeaconry, or to the Justices of the Peace, at the general or quarter sessions of the peace for the county, city or place in which such meeting shall be held, and registered in the said Bishop's or Archdeacon's court respectively, or recorded at the said general or quarter sessions...
Página vii - That no congregation or assembly for religious worship shall be permitted or allowed by this act, until the place of such meeting shall be certified to the bishop of the diocese, or to the archdeacon of that archdeaconry, or to the justices of the peace at the general or quarter sessions...
Página xxxiii - Officer authorized authorized by the Board of Guardians or by the Overseers respectively, and the Cost of such Proceedings shall be defrayed out of the Common Fund of the Union, or out of the Poor Rates of any Parish not included in a Union.
Página xvi - April, 1867, p. 343. Dr. Stark also remarks (' Tenth Annual Report of Births, Deaths, &c., in Scotland,' 1867, p. xxviii) that " These examples may suffice " to shew that, at almost every stage of life, the males in Scotland " have a greater liability to death and a higher death-rate than the " females. The fact, however, of this peculiarity being most strongly •" developed at that infantile period of life when the dress, food, and " general treatment of both sexes are alike, seems to prove that...
Página xxxiii - ... period the mortality is high as compared with the number living. Consequently, when the total deaths of the husbands of all ages are compared with the total living, a high mortality seems to have prevailed, because the persons were all so much older when they died than were the bachelors. Therefore, comparing the total deaths of the married at all ages with the total deaths of the bachelors, necessarily leads to a false conclusion. In comparing mortality rates of two or more classes, to be correct,...
Página lv - ... Caledonia. Very probably, also, the system of giving prisoners " repeated opportunities of amendment," as it is called in this country — but which, in fact, would be more aptly styled "renewed opportunities for depravity" — has, from good but mistaken motives, been carried much too far in Scotland. Be this as it may, nothing is more certain than that the substitution of a race of repeatedly convicted and hardened offenders, under the milder system of punishment in Great Britain...
Página ix - Free Grace Gospel Christians, Free Gospel Church, Free Christians, Free Church, Free Church (Episcopal), Free Church of England, Free Union Church, General Baptist, General Baptist New Connexion, German Lutheran, German Roman Catholic...
Página vii - Peace whereof respectively is hereby required to register the same, and to give certificate thereof to such person as shall demand the same, for which there shall be no greater fee nor reward taken than the sum of sixpence.
Página ix - Reformers. Reformed Presbyterians or Covenanters. Recreative Religionists. Refuge Methodists. Reform Free Church of Wesleyan Methodists. Revivalists. Revival Band. Roman Catholics. Salem Society. Sandemanians. Scotch Baptists. Second Advent Brethren. Separatists (Protestant). Seventh Day Baptists.; Strict Baptists.
Página 178 - Ischuria . . . Diabetes . Stone Cystitis . Stricture of Urethra Kidney Disease IX. Paramenia Ovarian Dropsy Childbirth Organs of Generation X. Arthritis . . Rheumatism Joint and Bone Disease XI.

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