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SUPREME COURT-appellate division of...

decisions, to be free for publication.
jurisdiction in law and equity.
justices, additional, election of.

age of, restriction as to...
apportionment of.....
assignment of, to hold term..
attorney, not to practice as.
compensation of.....,
designation of, for appellate division.
eligibility to office of .
for court of appeals..
how chosen.
number of, to reside in each district..
office or public trust, not to hold other..
official term of....
powers of, in appellate division..
presiding justice of appellate division.
referee, not to act as...
removal of....
review of certain decisions, not to sit in.
terms, to fix.

vacancies in office of, how filled.
of whom composed.
reporter of decisions, to be appointed.

special and trial terms of . SURROGATE-county judge to act as.

duties of..
election of....
salary of.
special election of, may be provided for.
term of office.

vacancies, how filled.. SURROGATE'S COURT-relative to...

jurisdiction of..

relief of. SURVEYOR, STATE, see State Engineer and Surveyor. SWAMPS-draining of......

Art. Sec. Page.

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TAX-bill for, final passage of.

three-fifths, quorum for.
yeas and nays to be taken..


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Tax — Continued.

canals, for support of.
law imposing, to state object of.

state debts, for interest and principal of. TAXATION—cities and villages to be restricted in....

exemption from, not to be granted .. TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE COMPANIES—frank

ing privileges by, prohibited, etc....
TESTIMONY-in equity cases, how taken.
THREE-FIFTHS-necessary for a quorum.
TITLE OF Bills-local and private.
Town-debts, except for town purposes, not to con-

debts for improvement of highways, sinking

fund for..
money or credit, not to loan.

stocks or bonds, not to become owner of..
Town OFFICERS—to be elected or appointed..
TRANSPORTATION-free, prohibited, etc......
TREASON-execution of sentence for, governor may


legislature may pardon. TREASURER-canal board, member of.

canal fund, commissioner of..
compensation of, not to receive fees.
election and term of office of..
first election of...
governor, may be suspended by.
land office, commissioner of..

vacancy, how filled...
TREASURY—no money to be paid from, without

Two-THIRDS-of all elected to pass certain bills..

of all present, on bill returned by governor..
to change mode of electing militia officers...

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how applied....

officers, not to hold seat in legislature.. UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK corpora

tion continued, etc... how governed...

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VACANCY IN OFFICE-judge of court of appeals.

justices of supreme court..
legislature to declare what constitutes.
supplying provision for..

VENUE-change of.
VETO—of the governor.
VILLAGES—bonds and stock, not to become owners

debts, not to contract, except, etc.

restrictions on contracting..
incorporation of....
money or credit, not to loan, except, etc.

restrictions on loaning...
officers in, to be elected or appointed.
special acts, may be created by.

taxation, powers of, in, to be restricted.
VOTERS—qualifications of.....
registration of..

See also Electors.
Vores-certain, for members of legislature, void...
VOTING, absentee.....

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WATERS OF STATE-on forest preserve lands...
WEIGHING-offices for, abolished.
WEIGHTS AND MEASURES-standard of, how supplied.
WESTCHESTER COUNTY — governing body...
WITNESS-bribery, persons charged with, may be,

in own behalf .....
criminal cases, not to testify against himself.
persons offering bribe, not privileged from testi-

fying as to...
religious belief, not incompetent on account of..

unreasonably detained, not to be..... WORKMEN—compensation for injury to or death of. WORLD WAR bonus for soldiers, sailors and

marines in....

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YEAR-political and legislative terms.
YEAS AND NAYs, see Ayes and Noes.


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1492 Columbus discovers America. 1497

Conjectured voyage of the Cabots. 1498 1524 Discovery of Verrazano. 1525 Gomez calls the Hudson River “ San Antonio.” 1609 Champlain enters New York from Canada; Hudson enters

New York Bay. 1611 Christiansen and Block sail for Manhattan. 1614 Fort Nassau built on Castle Island below Albany; the“ Onrust”

launched; Amsterdam merchants given a trading charter for

“ New Netherland." 1615 Champlain invades New York a second time. 1617 * Treaty of Tawasentha near Albany. 1620 Puritans refused right to settle in New Netherland. 1621 Dutch West India Company chartered. 1624 Mey sent out as Director; Dutch and Walloons settle Albany;

Fort Orange built. 1625 Verhulst succeeds Mey as Director. 1626 Minuit arrives as the first “ Director-General of New Nether

land;” Manhattan Island bought for $23; block house and

palisades built and called Fort Amsterdam. 1627 Friendly relations with Plymouth established. 1629 Charter of Privileges to “Patroons" granted by West India

Company. 1630 Patroonship of Rensselaerwyck at Fort Orange established by

Kilian van Rensselaer; Patroonship of Pavonia created. 1632 Patroons quarrel with Company; England claims New Nether

land. 1633 Van Twiller made Director-General. 1634 West India Company buys back Pavonia. 1638 Kieft arrives as Director-General. 1639 New Charter of Privileges granted colonists. 1640 English purchase tracts in Kings and Queens counties from

Indians; Kieft sends armed force against Raritan Indians. 1641 Council of people called by Governor Kieft; Twelve Men "

appointed first-representative assembly; war declared against savages.


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1642 Kieft dismisses “ Twelve Men;" church built in the fort at

New Amsterdam; city tavern erected. 1643 Massacre of Indians by whites; colonists attacked in turn; Hempstead begun by English from Stamford; the “ Eight

summoned. 1644 New Haven helps New Amsterdam in war on Indians; massacre

of Long Island Indians. 1645 General peace concluded on Bowling Green; Flushing settled

by English. 1646 Yonkers started. 1647 Kieft replaced by Stuyvesant as Director-General; Nine

Men " organized; Dutch and English boundaries settled. 1652 Esopus settled by Thomas Chambers. 1653 City government at Manhattan, earliest within U. S.;

monstrance of the eight towns called at New Amsterdam. 1654 English intrigue to conquer the Dutch; Oswego settled. 1655 General Indian outbreak quelled. 1658 Kingston (Esopus) begun. 1659 War with the Esopus Indians. 1661 Schenectady settled — land purchased from Indians. 1663 Second Esopus War. 1664 New Netherland granted to the Duke of York by Charles II;

Popular Assembly called; New Netherland surrenders to

the English. 1665 “Duke's Laws "promulgated by Nicolls, first English Governor

of New York; powers of taxation in Governor and Council. 1668 Lovelace succeeds Nicolls. 1670 First New York exchange established. 1672 War between England and Holland. 1673 Dutch reca: ure New York; first postal service in America. 1674 By treaty England regains New York; Andros appointed

Governor. 1678 The “ Bolting Act" gives New York the fiour monopoly. 1679 Indian slavery abolished; Fort Niagara built by La Salle. 1683 Dongan made Governor; first elected representative Assembly

called; “ Charter of Liberties" granted; ten counties created

within present New York. 1686 New York and New England consolidated; City of Albany

incorporated, Peter Schuyler first Mayor. 1688 Dongan replaced by Andros. 1689 Union of England and New York dissolved.

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