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It is now near half a century since any work of this nature has been published, comprising real practical information, and embracing every part of the United States of America; this fact will, of course, sufficiently establish the necessity and utility of the Volume now presented to the Public : for, although several volumes of travels, and many journals of tourists have been published within that period, they are chiefly confined to mere local descriptions, of little moment to the future emigrant. The mere description of a country, however faithfully executed, is by no means sufficient for the foreigner or future inhabitant, who eagerly desires to know the local nature and advantages of the situ-' ation where he purposes to reside

the quality of the soil—the rate of land—the price of labour, of living, of every article he may have to sell or purchase.

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The compilers of this volume have been particularly careful in selecting, from the latest and most authentic sources, all such minute and necessary

heads of information ; while, at the same time, equal regard has been paid to an accurate description of the boundaries, situation, and extent; lakes, rivers, and canals ; climate and diseases; mountains ; mineral, animal, and vegetable productions ; settlements and population; Indians ; antiquities ; extent and navigable waters ; prices current; expenses of housekeeping and travelling; together with copious and useful directions to Emigrants, &c. &c.

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In procuring intelligence so various and extensive, recourse has been had to every work of reputation on these subjects that has appeared since the year 1788 ; many of which have never appeared in Great Britain, whilst considerable assistance has been afforded by the kindness of several gentlemen resident in America, who have furnished many original documents and official communications.

The great interest excited of late, regarding that part of America, generally known by the appellation of the “Western Country,has induced the Compilers to dedicate a considerable portion of this Work to a faithful and interesting description of the whole of the Western States and Territories ; comprising an immense tract of land of nearly one thousand

millions of acres, rendered peculiarly interesting from the numerous recent emigrations from all parts of Europe.

Subjoined to all this, is an accurate account of the present state of the British possessions of Upper and 'Lower Canada.— Together with a Map of the whole of the United States and Territories; as also a complete Table or List of the Post and Cross Roads, of consequence, forming upon the whole, a complete fund of information, highly useful and necessary to the Emigrant, and interesting to the general reader.

With this brief notice of its contents, the Publisher lays this Work before the Public, containing a faithful compendium of all that has been written upon the country and people of the United States of America ; as especial care has been taken not to omit any circumstance worthy of notice, and on every subject to observe the strictest adherence to truth and impartiality.

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