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INVENTORS of the Art Sublime
Which Knowledge spreads thro' every clime;
Who far the fabled god excell'd,
Prometheus, from heaven expell'd.
Material fire he brought to earth,
They flames of a diviner birth
Drew from the seven-fold source of light
Seen in the Patmos vision bright,
When, the celestial portals raised,
Man, on the Godhead's glories gazed.
Majestic Truth they thus reveal'd,
By powers of Darkness long conceal'd;
Ope'd Freedom's doors to fetter'd Thought
And forces into conflict brought-
Mind against mind-an eager fray
That shall not cease till Time's last day;
That keener as the contest grows,
Truth greater, purer, mightier shews.
Thus Knowledge each successive age
Advances, wins an onward stage,
And gathers in one focus bright
Each fresh struck spark, each ray of light,
And clears the mists that still are found
Historic names and deeds around.
This light, that truth reveals, t’ impart,
I seek, Disciple of the Art;
That to the famed Teutonic three
Just meeds of praise may given be;
That all aright the men may know
To whom TYPOGRAPHY we owe;
The men whose names immortal ring,
Whose gifts transcendent blessings bring,
Whose monuments in every land
By wisdom rear'd, heart-honor'd stand,
Inscribed in tongues of every clime-

W. S.

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